San Luis Canal Company consists of approximately 45,000 acres of productive farmland between the cities of Los Banos and Dos
Palos in Merced County.  It was established in 1913 as a private mutual water company that serves water to over 300 landowners
within its service area.  The Company’s cropping rotation consists of a variety of row crops including alfalfa, cotton, processing
tomatoes, fresh market tomatoes, corn and winter forage crops.  Improved On-Farm irrigation practices, as well as major investments
in new canal delivery technology, have been a major focus in its various conservation programs.

San Luis Canal Company

  James L. Nickel, President
Greg Pearl, Vice-President
David Carlucci, Director
Cannon Michael, Director
Anthony Neves, Director
David Pruitt, Director
Michael Palazzo, Director
Chase Hurley, General Manager

Office :

11704 W. Henry Miller Road
Dos Palos, CA 93620
209-826-5112 - Phone
209-387-4237 - Fax



March 2013 Newsletter